Horse Saftey Breakaway stirrups by STI Saddle Technology Incorporated Break Away Stirrups

Documented Draggings Prevented
Documented Draggings Prevented 377377 Documented Horse Draggings Prevented by Break Away StirrupsHorse Saftey Saves Lives and tries to minimalize serious damage caused by horse dragging from stirrups
STI Horse Saftey Stirrups Work!

Riding on S.T.I.'s Breakaway Stirrup

This stirrup will look and ride like any other stirrup. The stirrup fits conveniently in your stirrup leather just like any other stirrup would. The mechanism hides conveniently in the stirrup leathers, so no one will be able to tell the difference between this stirrup, and one that might drag you. This stirrup won't impede proper horsemanship, it may in fact give you the confidence to improve your horsemanship.

Breakaway Stirrup mechanism fits into existing stirrup leather

Stirrup mechanism fits in stirrup leather

Stirrup looks just like any other stirrup

Breakaway Stirrup looks just like any other stirrup

Horse Saftey is important to riders of Breakaway stirrups by STI

Breakaway Stirrups
can be crafted to match show or rodeo gear.

These stirrups have given many of our customers the confidence to ride in proper balance with their horse, and the ability to enjoy riding again.

Another advantage of this stirrup is what we like to call the torsion pressure feature. It takes 8 lbs. of torsion pressure to move the springs inside of the mechanism and rotate the stirrup. Tim Feeland, PRCA Calf Roper uses Breakaway Stirrups by Saddle Technology IncorporatedMost conventional stirrups will swing freely at the end of the stirrup leather. STI's stirrup will not swing as freely, and offer a rider more stability in a stirrup. In our research most buckoffs or fall offs are started when a rider "blows a stirrup", that is, their foot slips out of the stirrup. Once you've "blown" a conventional stirrup the stirrup will generally swing forward and be hard to regain putting the rider out of balance, or swing backward allowing the rider to put their whole foot through the stirrup. Our stirrups do not swing as easily and should prevent about 70% of stirrup blowouts. But if you do blow a stirrup riding a colt for instance, STI's stirrup will be at the end of the stirrup leather and easy to get back into in a bind. Tim Feland, a PRCA calf roper, actually thinks he's quicker on his dismount because of this torsion pressure feature. The stirrup stays at the end of the stirrup leather, and allows him to get out easy when he has to, saving him a few tenths.

Breakaway Stirrups Mechanism and parts

Reloading the mechanism

As with any tack, its a good idea to become familiar with this mechanism, how it works, and how to reload it.

reload step 1 breakaway stirrup 1. To cock it, spread the leavers one at a time until they click.

reload step 2 breakaway stirrup 2. To load in your stirrup, place the mechanism between the clips inside of your stirrup, line up the square holes with the shaft while rotating and squeezing the levers together.

reload step 3 breakaway stirrup 3. Be sure to squeeze levers all the way closed, so that the inside lever edges are touching. Pinch the tops of the levers securely as pictured

reload step 4 breakaway stirrup 4. Place these stirrups in your stirrup leather with the word "BACK" facing the heel of your boots

Velcro Lever Wrap Instructions

Velcro Lever Wrap Instructions


Velcro lever wraps must stay on the Breakaway Stirrups at ALL TIMES to prevent levers from UNLOCKING, which can cause a PREMATURE RELEASE!

reload VELCRO step 1 breakaway stirrup 1. Once the mechanism is installed, place Velcro wrap behind mechanism as shown. With "loop" (fuzzy) side of the Velcro toward the inside and "hook" (course) side of the Velcro to the outside. This will help protect the Velcro band from the elements common to horseback riding.

reload VELCRO step 2 breakaway stirrup 2. Securely fasten the bottom band of Velcro by wrapping Velcro band all the way around the levers, being sure to make it very tight.

reload VELCRO step 3 breakaway stirrup 3. Lay the overhang band of Velcro wrap securely over the top of the mechanism.

reload VELCRO step 4 breakaway stirrup 4. Pull top band of Velcro wrap securely over the overhanging band, and continue to make a full wrap around the levers, until levers have been secured.


As with any precision safety product, testing and maintenance should be done on this stirrup just to make sure it is working properly. Maintenance of this product is very easy, and we recommend doing it once a year like when you're cleaning your saddle.

  1. Release the mechanism from the stirrup.
  2. Apply WD-40 into one side of the mechanism
  3. Squeeze and release levers a few times and let WD-40 run out of the bottom to get the insides of the mechanism well lubricated.
Basic maintenance on the Break Away Stirrup horse saftey mechanism

If you have ANY problems, or have a question about how your stirrup is working, you can email us at your convenience.

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