Horse Saftey Breakaway stirrups by STI Saddle Technology Incorporated Break Away Stirrups

Documented Draggings Prevented
Documented Draggings Prevented 320320 Documented Horse Draggings Prevented by Break Away StirrupsHorse Saftey Saves Lives and tries to minimalize serious damage caused by horse dragging from stirrups
STI Horse Saftey Stirrups Work!

Breakaway Stirrups Testimonials

"Daughter came off safely, got the horse up without it actually rolling over onto the saddle, and we thought nothing more of the incident until she started to get back on and the stirrup was missing on the side she came off of. It gives me chills to think that her foot was in a position to be dragged or else the stirrup would not have released. Thank you. A million times... thank you."

-Lana Bain
Puyallup, WA

"I was chasing a steer down hill, standing in the stirrups, swinging my rope, trying to get close enough for a shot, when the horse dropped his head and went to bucking. I couldn't get his head up and got pitched off the far side. My right foot got hung up in the stirrup, but about the time I hit the ground the stirrup released and kept me from being drug.

-Phil Mueller

"As soon as I hit the ground, I knew that my right leg was injured. The horse jumped to his feet and started running off with my foot still in the stirrup. As soon as the horse made his first step to run, the stirrup blew off. That is when I realized that the miracle had happened, the stirrup came off."

-Gary Skluzacek
Lonsdale, MN

"I treat them just like I do seat belts in my car. The car doesn't move without seatbelts fastened. Same goes for me and mine horseback. We don't move without our breakaway stirrups. To do otherwis